STNB2024(37a edició)

Conferences and communications


Bernat Plans Berenguer


Different conferences and communications in the ''Seminari de Teoria de Nombres de Barcelona". If you want to present a communication, please contact with the organizing committee, before January 18, 2024, at


  1. Retransmissió en directe de la xerrada de Laurent Lafforgue a $b=M^2L$ colloquium series 2024 ()
  2. Post-quantum cryptography and number theory: a fruitful alliance (Iván Blanco Chacón)
  3. Potentially diagonalisable modular lifts of large weights and supercuspidal modular lifts of weight 2 (Iván Blanco Chacón)
  4. Algorithms to compute Stark Numbers (Carlos Caralps)
  5. Universal deformations of representations (Jose Antonio Castro Moreno)
  6. On some algebraic and geometric extensions of Goldbach's conjecture (Alberto Fernandez Boix)
  7. On simple reductions of abelian varieties (Enric Florit)
  8. Totally real points on the curve $x^5+y^5+z^5=0$ (Alain Kraus)
  9. La primera irregularitat (Joan-C. Lario i Anna Rio Doval)
  10. Overview and extension of root-based attacks against PLWE instances (Rodrigo Martín)
  11. Càlcul eficient de funcions theta associades a grups de Schottky p-àdics (Marc Masdeu)
  12. Euler's factorial series, Hardy integral, and continued fractions (Tapani Matala-aho)
  13. Períodes, modularitat de corbes el·líptiques i valors crítics de funcions L (Santiago Molina Blanco)
  14. On the Galois representation attached to the curve $y^6=x^3(1-x)(1-tx)$ (Ariel Pacetti)
  15. p-adic L-functions and diagonal cycles for GSp(4)xGL(2)xGL(2) (Óscar Rivero Salgado)
  16. Computing Bianchi Modular forms with character (Ignasi Sánchez)
  17. On the (Non-)Equivalence of Ring Learning With Errors and Polynomial Learning With Errors (Carlo Sanna)
  18. Coincidence of division fields of an elliptic curve (Zoé Yvon)