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Carlos de Vera Piquero


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Vaig realitzar la meva tesi doctoral a la UPC, sota la direcció de'n Víctor Rotger, i actualment sóc Investigador post-doctoral a la Universität Duisburg-Essen.

Themes organised

Venkatesh's conjectures on arithmetic groups (STNB2019 (33rd edition))


p-adic families of d-th Shintani liftings - STNB2020(34th edition)

The derived Hecke algebra and the main conjecture of Venkatesh. - STNB2019 (33rd edition)

Pullbacks of Siegel forms and algebraicity of L-values (with a view to p-adic L-functions) - STNB2019 (33rd edition)

Heegner points and the Kolyvagin argument. - STNB2018 (32nd edition)

A second derivative result for $p$-adic $L$-functions - STNB2017, (31st edition)

CM cycles on Kuga--Sato varieties over Shimura curves and Selmer groups - STNB2017, (31st edition)

On the Euler system of CM points on Shimura curves - STNB 2016 (30th edition)

A new Heegner point construction - STNB 2015 (29th year)

Construction of Mumford curve associated to a Schottky group - STNB 2013 (27è Any)

Galois representations attached to points on Shimura curves. - Number theory seminar in memory of F. Momose

Teoría de Honda-Tate - STNB 2012 (26è Any)

Representacions de Galois sobre cossos de mòduli i punts racionals en corbes de Shimura - STNB 2012 (26è Any)

Una aplicació aritmètica de les varietats de Prym en gènere 5 - STNB 2011 (25è Any)