STNB2017(31è any)

Famílies de Hida


Santiago Molina Blanco


In this edition of the SNTB, the two learning courses of the seminar are interconnected. In the first course, the aim will be to present the foundations of Hida families. In the second one, we will give applications that this theory has found in the theory of elliptic curves. The first example of a p-adic family of modular forms was the Eisenstein family, considered by Serre in [Ser72]. The theory took off with the seminal works of Hida (see [Hid86a], [Hid86b]), where he constructed p-adic families of cuspforms (the so-called Hida families), varying continously with the weight, which are simultaneous eigenforms of the Hecke operators. Hida’s construction had a certain limitation: only p-ordinary Hecke eigenforms of level coprime to p belong to a Hida family. Coleman and Mazur constructed a p-adic rigid anlaytic curve containing any eigenform of level coprime to p. The goal of the first course is to review all these classical constructions. We will start the second course by presenting the p-adic Birch and Swinnerton- Dyer conjecture. The basic type of probelm that will concern us is the existence of an exceptional zero at the critical point of the p-adic L-function attached to an elliptic curve with split multiplicative reduction at p. This was experimen- tally observed by Mazur, Tate and Teitelbaum [MTT86], and proven by [GS93], using as a fundamental tool the theory of Hida families. The course will proceed by presenting results concerning related topics, whose proofs also make use of the theory of Hida families.


  1. The space of ordinary forms. (Santiago Molina Blanco)
  2. The space of $\Lambda$-adic modular forms and the Eisenstein family. (Xavier Guitart)
  3. The structure of the space of $\Lambda$-adic modular forms. (Francesc Fité Naya)
  4. Overconvergent modular symbols and the cuspidal eigencurve. (Chris Williams)
  5. The eigencurve: geometric construction. (Adel Betina)


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