STNB2017(31è any)

On Selmer Groups and Factoring p-adic L-functions


Enis Kaya


S. Dasgupta has proved a formula factoring a certain restriction of a 3-variable Rankin-Selberg p-adic L-function as a product of a 2-variable p-adic L-function related to the adjoint representation of a Hida family and a Kubota-Leopoldt p-adic L-function. Then B. Palvannan proved a result involving Selmer groups that along with Dasgupta's result is consistent with the main conjectures associated to the Galois representations. Under certain additional hypotheses, he also indicated how one can use work of E. Urban to deduce main conjectures for the 3-dimensional representation and the 4-dimensional representation. In this talk, I will give a gentle overview of Palvannan's result.


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