STNB2020(34è any)

Conferències i comunicacions.


Bernat Plans Berenguer


Xerrades de diferents participants del STNB2020.


  1. Hecke eigenvalue fields and Maeda's conjecture (Samuele Anni)
  2. Periods of modular functions and diophantine approximation (Paloma Bengoechea)
  3. Potentially diagonalizable representations. A conjecture. (Iván Blanco Chacón)
  4. Wild Galois representations of hyperelliptic curves (Nirvana Coppola)
  5. Abelian varieties with everywhere good reduction over certain real quadratic fields (Lassina Dembélé)
  6. The Serre filtration on mod p Hilbert modular forms of level p (Fred Diamond)
  7. The level of pairs of polynomials (Alberto Fernandez Boix)
  8. Criptografia basada en isogènies (Enric Florit)
  9. Restrictions on endomorphism algebras of Jacobians (Pip Goodman)
  10. Tate module tensor decompositions and Sato-Tate conjecture for varieties potentially of $\mathrm{GL}_2$-type (Xavier Guitart)
  11. Automating the modular method for Frey Q-curves (Joey van Langen)
  12. Delinge-Lusztig curves are diophantine stable (Joan-C. Lario)
  13. Images of residual Galois representations of elliptic curves without CM (Pedro Lemos)
  14. Anticyclotomic p-adic L-functions and Darmon points (Santiago Molina Blanco)
  15. Torsion of Q-curves over quadratic fields (Filip Najman)
  16. Kummer theory for number fields via entanglement groups (Antonella Perucca)
  17. Exceptional zeros, p-adic L-functions and Euler systems (Óscar Rivero Salgado)
  18. On the order of the reductions of algebraic numbers (Pietro Sgobba)
  19. Reduction type of genus-3 curves in special strata of their moduli space (Anna Somoza)
  20. On local constancy phenomena for reductions of 2-dimensional crystalline representations (Emiliano Torti)
  21. Kummer Theory for Elliptic Curves (Sebastiano Tronto)
  22. p-adic families of d-th Shintani liftings (Carlos de Vera Piquero)