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Nuno Freitas


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On the asymptotic Fermat Last Theorem - STNB2019 (33rd edition)

A multi-Frey approach to some Fermat type equations - STNB2017, (31st edition)

An extension of the Faltings-Serre method. - STNB 2016 (30th edition)

On some Fermat-type equations - Barcelona Fall Workshop on Number Theory

From the Generalized Fermat Equation to Hilbert modular forms with prescribed inertia types - STNB 2015 (29th year)

The Fermat Equation over totally real fields - STNB 2014 (28th year)

The Fermat-type equations $x^{5}+y^{5}=2z^{p}$ or $3z^{p}$ solved through $\mathbb{Q}$-curves - STNB 2012 (26è Any)

On the equation $a^{p}+2^{a}b^{p}+c^{p}=0$ - STBN 2009 (23è any)