STNB2019 (33rd edition)

Mordell-Faltings a la Chabauty-Kim.


Marc Masdeu and Xavier Xarles


  1. Punts racionals de corbes I: The Mordell-Weil Sieve (Francesc Bars Cortina)
  2. Rational points II: Variations on the method of Coleman--Chabauty. (Marc Masdeu)
  3. Punts racionals de corbes III: Chabauty Quadràtic (Xavier Xarles)
  4. The Chabauty-Kim method for some modular curves. (Netan Dogra)


1)PhD thesis of Netan Droga, 2)Quadratic Chabauty and rational points I: p-adic Heights. J.S.Balakrishnan and N.Dogra And maybe 3)Quadratic Chabauty and rationa pointsII:generalized height functions on Selmer varieties. Balakrishnan and Dogra 4)Explicit chabuty-Kim for the split Catan modular curve of level 13. Balkrishnan,Dogra,Mueller,Tutiman,Vonk 5)An ellective Chabauty-Kim theorem. By Balakrishnan and Dogra.