STNB2020(34th edition)

The level of pairs of polynomials


Alberto Fernandez Boix


Given a prime number $p$ and a polynomial $f$ with coefficients in $\mathbb{F}_p$ , it is known that there exists a differential operator δ raising $1/f$ to its $p$th power; attached to this differential operator there is a numerical invariant, the so–called level, that provides some interesting information about the hypersurface defined by $f$. For instance, when $f$ is a cubic homogeneous polynomial defining an elliptic curve $E$, the level of δ is one if and only if $E$ is ordinary, and two if and only if $E$ is supersingular [BDSV15]; more generally, when $f$ is a homogeneous polynomial of degree $2g + 1$ defining a hyperelliptic curve $H$ of genus $g$, the level of δ can still distinguish whether $H$ is either ordinary or supersingular (but not superspecial) [BCBFY18].

The purpose of this talk is, on the one hand, discussing a relation between the level of δ and the notion of stratification for certain non–linear differential equations recently introduced by van der Put and Top [vdPT15]; on the other hand, extending the notion of level to that of a pair of polynomials. We compute this level in certain special cases; finally, we present examples of polynomials g and f such that there is no differential operator raising $g/f$ to its $p$th power.

The content of this talk is based on joint work with Marc Paul Noordman and Jaap Top [BNT].

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