STNB2017(31è any)



Bernat Plans Berenguer


In the STNB2017 will be also programmed presentations suggested by the attendants and evaluated for soundness and correctness by the organizing committee. The deadline for submissions is December 12, 2016. The submissions has to include title and a short abstract, and has to be e-mailed to (or directly to the coordinator). The final decission of the acceptance or not for submissions will be given not latter than December 17, 2016. Once the final disposition of the submissions has been taken the contributions of the STNB2017 will appear in this web page.


  1. Galois representations with values in mod p Hecke algebras (Laia Amorós Carafí)
  2. On Maeda's Conjecture (Paloma Bengoechea)
  3. CM cycles on Kuga--Sato varieties over Shimura curves and Selmer groups (Carlos de Vera Piquero)
  4. A multi-Frey approach to some Fermat type equations (Nuno Freitas)
  5. Asymptotic distribution of Hecke points over $\mathbb{C}_p$ (Sebastián Herrero)
  6. On Selmer Groups and Factoring p-adic L-functions (Enis Kaya)
  7. Lattice points in elliptic paraboloids (Carlos Pastor)
  8. Stark's conjectures and generalized Kato classes (Óscar Rivero)
  9. Algorisme de determinació d'estructures Hopf Galois i les propietats (Marta Salguero)
  10. Asymptotic Fermat's Last Theorem over Number Fields (Haluk Sengun)