STNB 2016 (30th edition)



Francesc Bars Cortina


In the STNB2016 will be also programmed presentations suggested by the attendants and evaluated for soundness and correctness by the organizing committee.

The deadline for submissions is December 14, 2015. The submissions has to include title and a short abstract, and has to be e-mailed to (or directly to the coordinator). The final decission of the acceptance or not for submissions will be given on December 17, 2015.

Once the final disposition of the submissions has been taken the contributions of the STNB2016 will appear in this web page.


  1. Badly approximable numbers in Diophantine Approximation (Paloma Bengoechea)
  2. On the equation $X^n-1=B.Z^n$ (Boris Bartolomé)
  3. On the reciprocity law for p-adic Green functions (Alberto Cámara)
  4. Jacobians of Mumford curves. A new perspective for generalizations. (Iago Giné Vázquez)
  5. Aritmètica en corbes de Picard amb Multiplicació Complexa (Anna Somoza)
  6. Configurations of points and circles on surfaces from uniform dessin d'enfants. (Klara Stokes)
  7. Jacobian varieties of genus 3 and the inverse Galois problem (Sara Arias de Reyna Domínguez)
  8. Inverse Galois problem and uniform realizations (Samuele Anni)
  9. On loci of smooth plane curves with non-trivial automorphism groups (Eslam Farag)
  10. Twists of the Klein quartic: a complete classification and a modular interpretation. (Elisa Lorenzo)
  11. On the Euler system of CM points on Shimura curves (Carlos de Vera Piquero)